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Hexigo: Fitness for your Lifestyle

Hexigo Fitness is an entirely new way of working out. It is specifically designed for busy people with limited time. We combine high intensity exercise with yoga and flexibility. We’ll make you fit AND strong AND flexible. We deliver the benefits of yoga – with flexibility, strength and posture improvement – combined with a REALLY HARD work out. Sounds different? It is. So give it a try!

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To book Hexigo classes please use the MindBody app.
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How do we do it?

Yoga is a practice many people know they should be doing but struggle to connect with.

This is why Hexigo Fitness is different. We deliver the benefits of yoga with flexibility, strength and posture improvement, combined with a really hard workout.

Anyone for yoga and kettlebells?

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If you spend too much time hunched over a keyboard or running a million errands in your car each day, then Hexigo Fitness is for you.

Classes go for only 50 minutes but by the end of it you’ll be dripping with sweat, your heart racing and just that little bit more flexible.. We’ll have you touching your toes in no time!

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497 Burke Rd, Camberwell

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Hexigo Fitness combines the benefits of yoga with a hardcore workout.
 Sound intriguing? Send us a quick email using the form on the right and one of our team will be in touch.